5 Tips To Help The Sap And Not Run

Often we hear about a maid who has just been working a few days away from the employer’s home. You may also experience this. Not all errors must be imposed on the maid or the baby sitter, especially for workers with serious intentions at work. They do that because they do not feel at home in your house.

There are a few tips for your new maid service to be happy and loyal to you. Indeed the most fundamental is the presence or absence of the attention that employers give to the workforce. For that we will provide some tips and tricks for employers who want to a workforce maid service Coeur d’Alene that feel at home and work as expected:

  1. Interview

Before taking a worker, make sure you interview him so you can get to know him up close. At the same time, give him a complete and thorough picture of your home state and the tasks you will give him. If you do not tell me anything, then there is a possibility of a between the expectations of the worker and the reality he or she has. Since you did not give him the opportunity to choose at the beginning, then he chose it when it entered your home.

  1. Salaries and Facilities
  • Salary

The employer must provide the promised salary at the earliest stage of the taking of the domestic worker. The majority of employers are now afraid to give high salaries that do not think they work normally to connect family life in the village. This factor can make a permanent workforce employed in an employer’s place due to a passion with a salary that could be to help their family in the village.

  • Eat

Sometimes what makes employment unhealthy in an employer’s home is the lack of an employer’s attention to their food needs. There is a majority of employers feeding them with a ration system. Anything that gives it the remains of food that is not eaten by the master. If this can be avoided from our habits.

  • Other Facilities

The bathroom needs, such as soap, sanitary napkins, and daily consumables should be available at home. Do not let domestic workers have to buy with their own money. If you have to buy your own, he will feel the salary he received less.

  1. Work

Often we as employers forget the limits of their power. For this, we only inform that the housekeeper’s duties help the unhelpful work of the employer at home. But usually the majority of employers forget this, and the workforce is treated like a slave. Treat the workforce, especially domestic servants as human beings, not as slaves from villages or agents/foundations / distributors.

  1. Rest

In this case, sometimes the employer feels the loss of hiring a maid if resting even if only 10 minutes without thinking that the housekeeper was human and needed rest. The employer must understand that the helper is a human, not a robot who does not need rest. As a wise employer give your housekeeper to take a day off every month.