How to Redesign Your Living Room

The living room is a common place where many people are entertained or spend time with their family members. It’s important to enhance the design of the room and allow it to look contemporary to ensure that your loved ones are comfortable as they eat or watch television. If it’s time to update your living room, there are a few ways that you can redesign it.

Incorporate Metallic Details

Metallic details look chic and regal when you want to enhance the look of the room. Consider adding a brass table lamp next to the couch or a clock that hangs on the wall. You can also use silver, gold, or brass picture frames throughout the space on the walls. Consider pairing cool or pastel color shades with the metallic details to enhance the colors that are used in the setting and make them stand out.

Add a Statement Rug

Make your area rug the main statement piece of the room, which will make it tie everything together. Choose a patterned carpet that has a high level of design and will incorporate extra detail into the space. Select pillows that are in the same color scheme and put them display on nearby chaises or a couch to make it look uniform with the rug.

Use Window Shutters

Shutters will contribute to the design of the room with their classic style. Add track door shutters from a company like, which will allow you to have complete control of the amount of light that is present in the room or the level of privacy that you want to have while spending time in the space. The window shutters will increase your home’s value and will look beautiful when you’re redesigning each part of the living room.

Use Bold Color Shades

Inject extra personality and character into the room with bold color shades that pop and look modern. Consider adding a hot pink accent chair in the corner of the room or using a yellow area rug that looks dramatic. The energetic hues will look attractive with antique or flea market pieces if you want your home to look slightly eclectic but contemporary. You can also mix different patterns by incorporating ikat, floral, and trellis prints. The key to mixing different prints that work well together is to stick to a color theme, which will anchor the space.

Add a Chic Coffee Table

A chic coffee table will be the centerpiece of the living room, making it necessary to choose a table that has a marble countertop or has a gold drum design. The coffee table can also feature a tray to stack magazines or to hold candles.

When it comes to redesigning your living room, there are a few rules and guidelines to follow to ensure that the outcome looks attractive. With the right changes made, you can feel proud to show off the room to your guests and will feel more at home in the space.